3D Lenticular Coin Pruse – Pavia, with YKK Zipper, 3D MOVING Colorful international country Symboles/ Blue

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Coin and dollar Purse. Small but big enough to keep all your essentials together. The purse is constructed with soft Lenticular PVC and with inside fabric linier. Durable YKK zipper for years tocom. For a larger view of this item, please click on the pictures. Purse measures 5 inch. X 4 inch. x 1.5 inch. Using Lenticular PVC and superb craftsmanship, this is a stylish and functional designed that offers quality and value.
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Besa Lighting 2WS-773539-BR 2X50W G9 Alex Wall Sconce with Opal/Clear Glass, Bronze Finish

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Besa Lighting has an exceptional line of quality products aimed to please even the most discerning of consumers. Relish in the design of this 2-light bath vanity; from the details in the opal and clear glass, to the double coated bronze finish, this bath vanity is not only durable, but a tastefully elegant showpiece.
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Loctite 37480 272 Red High Temperature Threadlocker Bottle, 36-milliliter

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Threadlocker 272 withstands temperatures to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature/high strength, red threadlocker is formulated for heavy-duty applications. Prevents bolts up to 1-1/2 inch (38 millimeter) from loosening due to shock, severe vibration and heat stress. Exclusive formulation for newer engines and high performance applications where extreme temperature resistance is required. Removable with heat and hand tools. Typical applications include camshaft sprocket bolts, crankshaft bolts, idler bearings, press fit filler tubes, transmission input and output shaft threads, ring gear and shock bolts.
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1994 Kawasaki ZX9 ZX 9 B Ninja Left Rear Footpeg Bracket

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1994 Kawasaki ZX9 ZX 9 B Ninja Left Rear Footpeg Bracket

The Left Rear Footpeg Bracket bolts to the frame on the right side (as you are sitting on the bike), and holds the Left Rear (passenger) Footpeg. The Left Muffler (if so equiped) is often attached to this bracket as well. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Footpeg Bracket will be straight, undamaged and fully functional. Due to its location on the bike, cosmetic imperfections and blemishes that do not effect functionality may be expected.

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5 Good Reasons to Own a Canon Camera!

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I’m going to get straight to the point! If you don’t know what a Canon Camera is then I will tell you they are a fine piece of technology to own. A Canon digital camera is a camera that can take pictures digitally without the use of film! Canon makes a great deal of cameras ranging from the entry level point and shoot all the way up to the DSLR ones professionals use. You can buy them at just about any big chain retail store, but they are not cheap. Not as cheap as the ones you see next with them in the store, but that leads me to my first reason why you should own a Canon digital camera.1. You should own a Canon camera because they cost more! That’s right, I said they cost more because there is a reason behind that. If you ever looked at something and compared it to the other same items you noticed that there are some more costly than others! They all do the same thing, but yet there is a price difference between some of them. There could be a huge difference in price too! The reason lies behind the fact that the more expensive items in the same category are made better! The manufacture decided they wanted to add some better parts or features to that them in order for to be above the competition.Well, those extra features and parts rack up the cost a little more, and they know that when it is being compared to, the quality they give will be better than what is offered. The manufacture cannot sell these products for what the competition sells theirs for because they are using way better parts so they increase their the cost of their product a little more, but they know it is absolutely better than what is being offered. You should as a smart buyer take that into consideration and spend a little more on one of Canon’s cameras!

2. You should own a Canon because they take quality pictures! Have you ever seen a picture online or somewhere and thought it did not look good? The truth is that picture you saw was from a poorly made camera. In fact, it probably wasn’t Canon that took the photo. Canon have very strict standards of quality to follow in order to produce the best images. Whether it is from a low cost Canon camera or from one of their professional grade cameras, they always take high quality pictures which results in the best photos. Additionally canons are known for this in the industry! Take advantage of the excellent photo quality Canon cameras produce!3. You should own a Canon camera because they are built very well. Well, I take that back. They are built like TANKS! These cameras are no joke. Canon’s high standards have yielded a camera that can take abuse. I wouldn’t advise you dropping one of these if you own one, but they can take a beating. These cameras are so well built I have heard them surviving months and months of constant neglect from their owners. An example would be a friend of mine who had recently purchased a Canon camera. He decided it was just another camera and didn’t care much about it. I have seen him drop it numerous times, shake it because he thought it froze on him, and left it in subzero temperatures only to find out he forgot it was there for days. After picking it up in those conditions and turning it on, the camera immediately functioned the way it was designed to. Snap shot and abuse after snap shot they can take a beating!4. You should own a Canon because the lenses Canon uses are of the best in the industry. Even if you buy a point and shoot Canon if you look closely the lens is made of some of the highest materials! You can see VERY clearly through them, even for a person who has less than ideal vision. Anyone will notice an absolute clarity inside. The lenses Canon produces are very resistant to scratches and swirl marks. If you see something that may consist of a scratch or swirl mark try wiping it away with a soft cloth. That false scratch or swirl will go away instantly! On to the DSLR side of Canon their lenses are made of quality standards so high you cannot ruin them easily or get a bad picture! Unless you had the focus completely off and decided to use a different approach to your photography. Other than those few briefly mentioned quality standards, Canon lenses are amazing!

5. You should own a Canon because they have the best post processing software available to you! Canon’s camera packages not only come with manuals, pages of additional information clearly written, but they include some of the best, if not BEST software package given free of charge for you to utilize after you have taken your pictures! You will have so much fun editing or fine tuning your photos to the way you exactly intended by using their top notch software. It also makes organizing your photos a piece of cake. If you want to fix sharpness issues, you can do that in their software. What about color tone? It’s simple using just a few mouse clicks and your set. Got a problem with brightness? That’s easy, just slide in your preference their awesome brightness tool and you’re set. It doesn’t get much better and easier with Canon’s great software package all included with their high quality cameras!Well, those are some strong solid 5 reasons I just gave you to own a Canon camera, and that is just scratching the surface. I haven’t even talked about iso performance, flash capabilities, longer battery life, Canon DSLR being the way to go, megapixel quality, digic processors, and much more. If you’d like to learn more about these fine electronic items feel free to check out below!

Carlisle 36141503 Duo-Pan Dustpan & Lobby Broom Combo, 3 Foot Overall Height, Black

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The Carlisle 36141503 Duo-Pan dustpan and lobby broom is designed to standup to the demands of commercial use but compact enough for household use. The set has a total height of 3 feet for a comfortable sweeping position. The 30” two-piece vinyl coated steel handles are durable enough for daily use and feature a convenient hanging hole at the top for storage.

The 12” wide broom head allows for efficient coverage reducing sweeping fatigue. The dustpan head pivots for easy storage and locks into place when in use for effortless and secure debris collection, emptying and transport. A serrated edge along the bottom of the bail allows you to comb the broom’s bristles and collect the debris directly in the dustpan. A clip on the dustpan handle keeps the broom attached during storage.

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New Fisheye Peleng 3.5/8mm Lens for Pentax K SLR cameras

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  • Focal distance, mm 8,1 +/- 0,25; Relative aperture 1:3,5+1:16
  • Angle of view 180 deg; Aspect ratio, mm 24×36; Minimum distance when photographing, 0.3m
  • Resolution power in the center 55mm, along the edges 15mm; diameter 73mm,length 65,5mm
  • Front and Rear caps, soft pouch included
  • Made in Russia, Brand new, 1 Years International warranty

The new Fisheye Peleng 3.5/8 mm lens is an interchangeable, short- focus, super wide-angle, compact lens that provides a stunning circular field of view of 180 degrees and a circular image (not a full-frame image) on the 35mm negative. It is a must when taking pictures with a large field of view, such as architecture, landscape, and group scenes. You can use this lens for shooting color, black-and-white, and infrared films. It provides meter coupling to your cameras exposure meter, so you maintain through-the-lens metering.
MS Peleng AC has a dedicated Pentax K mount allowing to use the lens manually with Pentax K SLR and DSLR cameras.

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